Where I live, people generally don’t plant new things outside until after May 24 weekend because otherwise you risk exposing your newbie plants to killer frost. But you can start growing inside earlier if you have a window with some decent sunlight. If you’re neurotic like me, watching your seeds grow indoors pretty much constantly is embarrassingly fulfilling. And it’s so easy to do.

1. Get some seed packets. I am also growing potatoes, onions, asparagus, rhubarb and garlic but generally those aren’t started from seeds, so I’ll write more on that some other time.

2. Get a seed cell tray- your mini greenhouse. It has a tray with rows of removable little pots in it and a clear plastic lid.

Cheaps Ahoy!

FOR ALL YOU CHEAPOS: cut a tray out of a milk carton on its side, and use toilet paper rolls for the little pots. Your plants can survive without the fancy clear lid.

3. Fill the cells with soil, which you can buy in packages.

FOR ALL YOU CHEAPOS: just dig out some soil from your yard. Not the fancy way, and it may result in future annoyances, but it works.

4. Stick a seed or two in each cell. Check the seed packet for how deep into the soil you should push it. Make sure you label which seeds are where, because it’s near impossible to differentiate them when they first come up.

FOR ALL YOU CHEAPOS: I write on plastic knives with permanent marker for my seed labels. You will have to lay them flat along the edge of the seedlings at first because the lid won’t go on if they’re sticking straight into the soil.

5. Water. Put the lid on. Place the tray by a sunny window. Leave the lid on until the seedlings get too big or the soil starts to dry out (so you can add water).

It’s like watching paint dry, but even better

There you have it. Plenty of neurotic obsessing can be enjoyed before planting season even starts. And I promise you, when those seeds pop up you will be so proud and you will turn into a Psycho Stage Mom of plants. There is even more excitement from here- see my next post about when your seedlings get too big.


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