R.I.Peas: So it turns out that overheating is a thing

I accidentally toasted my dill, pea, and pepper seedlings. It was clear and sunny with a high of 19 degrees Celsius. I brought my sprouts outside with their clear plastic lid on tight to really give them some juice. I thought, “plants like warmth and sun. Therefore, if I near-incinerate them in this plastic box of death, they will surely be happy and grow for it”.

Dead Dill Pubes

At the end of the day, I brought them back in to see that my robust seedlings had wilted into sad little dead green pubes. Oops. I feel awful. I feel like that jerk who leaves his dog in the car with  not so much as a window cracked while he shops for 6 hours at Linens-N-Things.

I asked Uncle Google about this and he told me that greenhouses for tropical and fruit plants should range between 60-80 F (16-27 C), while houseplants, plants for leaves or roots, shrubs and overwintering plants tend to prefer 45-75 F (7-24 C).

I should never be allowed to supervise children

The folks at Gro Domes greenhouse systems say that “it takes but one hot hour to destroy all your work. It is better to leave your greenhouse open, and have it be a little cool, than to kill your plants with heat”.

I’m going to leave some of the poor little guys to see if they bounce back. While replanting the rest, I brainstormed some puns to honour the memory of my fallen friends. I thought of “R.I.Peas” and “Rest in Peas” and then I realized that’s basically the same thing. Seedling Fail and Pun Fail, all in less that 24 hours.

LESSON: In greenhouse conditions, prop the lid a bit or leave it off entirely for ventilation, and make sure there is some shade if the sun is blazing.


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