We don’t move in until June 1, but the present tenants have been nice enough to let me start the garden early. My lovely friend Spatch dug it up for me last weekend because I was too lazy   too feeble  out of town. So, for your viewing pleasure, here’s 4 hours of grunt labour condensed into a few measly seconds for you to watch from the comfort of your couch.

Now: I am no expert on how this was done, especially since I was getting drunk on a pontoon boat away when Spatch dug the bed, but I think he used a basic double-digging technique as described here. In his freaking awesome book The Self-Sufficient Life And How To Live ItJohn Seymour calls it the Deep Bed technique and describes it as “a highly intensive and effective method of producing vegetables in a small space- especially if you are looking for drought resistance and vigorous growth”I didn’t add the compost to enrich the soil- and that’s skipping a crucial step- but I simply didn’t get my act together on time. Next year.

Thanks, Spatch! And thanks to Gabe for using his nerd skills and fancy camera to make the video.


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