I have not posted lately, because we finally got to move in and hence I was getting my toil on in a big way. But before I blow your mind with how much toiling went on, let me first remind you all of the barren wasteland I started with:


Now check it out, after much manual labour and justified carb-eating in-between:


I am so pleased with it. Apparently, so are all of the local woodland creatures. It appears as though the raccoons from my old place sent them the memo that I was moving, and they all decided to host the annual Chew Convention in our backyard. But that’s a topic for another post.

Fortunately, my preference for a natural aesthetic goes well with my cheapo ways. Almost everything you see here was salvaged, repurposed, borrowed, bought used, transplanted from friends, grown from seed, or made by hand. I feel proud about that.

Now, just so you all can fully appreciate it, here is the yard minus the big chump and a bunch of words:

Behold the cheapo beauty

I would like to say THANK YOU to the much-loved Paul for the help this weekend, to mum and Andrew for carting over their wood chippings for mulch, and to my partner Gabe for his contribution to the whole affair (as pictured below):

Gabe’s Grunt Work

… OK, OK- in all fairness, Gabe painted almost the entirety of the inside of the house so that we no longer have to look at walls that are School Bus Yellow, Pumpkin Orange, Diarrhea Brown and Whatever  Shade of Purple This Is:

Thank you to Gabe for painting the house instead of gardening so that this-coloured walls no longer put me into a state of rage


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