Take THAT, Creatures!

Some of you may recall my excitement at my first strawberry flower because I wanted the thing to turn into a berry, to which Andrew commented, “not if the birds eat it first!”. It started with a simple challenge and, as usual, escalated.

Those Woodland Creatures think they’re so clever, what with their scampering and their tiny statures and rodent teeth and beaks. Well.


(I may have gone a bit overboard).

Behold the BERRY HUT!

To my true cheapo standard, I scavenged the bits for it from people’s boulevards on garbage day. One person’s neighbour eyed me suspiciously from his front porch as I scuttled off with a half-disintegrated shelving unit, but if he could see it now as part of the BERRY HUT, he’d be begging me for a delicious berry . And I might even give him one just to prove that I was the right one all along.

This thing has kept all sorts of creatures off of my snacks. Gabe and I got to try the first ripe strawberries today and they were like sweet little candies.


This berry’s only crime was being too delicious


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