It’s Getting Rather Lush Around Here!

Hello, friends. I hope your projects are all coming along well. Here are some shots from around the garden today:

Chewable-pea trellis made from bamboo and willow sticks. Sweet pea trellis made from everyday average run-of-the-mill sticks.

One of the few (so-far) survivors of the Tomato Wilt Apocalypse. More on that later.

Morning glories making their way to the roof

These cucumbers have done more physical activity climbing this makeshift trellis than I have since 2006.

Check out this future pickle

SURPRISE ZUCCHINI (the surprise being that they were supposed to be cucumbers)

The side border of our yard with the salad box

The window sill over our kitchen sink

the courgette plant is not moving into the house unless it starts paying rent

This is why I am late for work every day


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