The Tomato Apocalypse continues. My backyard is the nightshade version of The Walking Dead... minus the overt child negligence and constant Bad Life Choices. And, sadly, it looks like I’d have a better chance surviving the zombie apocalypse than I would ridding my garden of this pandemic.

Another wilting plant, just as the tomatoes started to ripen. Its neighbours were uprooted and disposed of as soon as they started wilting but I am going to leave this one and see what happens, especially because I never waited long enough to see any symptoms in these guys besides the wilt. Maybe allowing the disease to progress- since I seem to be losing my plants anyways despite of all of the precautions I’ve been taking- will allow me to better diagnose just what the heck is going on here.


One thought on “NNNOOOooooOOOooOOoOo

  1. Oh Alex….. how awful, it really hurts when your plants die. I hope you learn about wilt from this and pass it on. Is it soil born?

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