I can’t lend you any money if this blog by New Escapologist convinces you to quit your job.

But you should still read it, anyways.


Here’s the post that hooked me:

“What things are required for a pleasant life? Here are my answers.

– optimum health;
– as much free time as possible;
– a few dependable friendships;
– an appreciation of your existing surroundings (which can be enhanced through the basic study of astronomy, botany, architecture, culture, aesthetics, psychology, etc);
– sensual pleasure;
– the confidence to speak your mind in public (and a culture that won’t cause you problems when you do);
– purposeful and purposeless intellectual stimulation;
– a satisfying creative output, in which you have personal pride;
– a clean and dignified living space;
– a modicum of peer recognition;
– some good habits to be proud of;
– few dependencies;
– few secrets.

Not many of these things are commercially available”.

Perhaps you will agree with Pat Kane of Thoughtland, who calls the magazine “Foppish, irresponsible, and very needed”. Thank you, Flashlights and Arrows, for bringing New Escapologist to my attention.