The Time I Constructed a Salad Box

I built a thing! For the first time ever!

The “thing” is a salad box- I want to grow lettuce on our back patio so it’s close, I have better control over sun exposure, and hopefully will have less problems with pests. OK, also I saw one on Lydia Street and got really excited about using a power drill. The plan I used can be found here at The Simple Green Frugal Co-Op.

  • Cost: $30* I may or may not have scavenged the aluminum screen from someone’s curb on garbage pickup day
  • Time: 40 minutes** plus 75 minutes of trying to figure out how to use a power drill on YouTube
  • Tears: a few*** see previous
  • Blood: some

Lettuce only needs about 3.5 inches of soil and prefers good drainage, so this box (it has a mesh bottom) should keep me chewing on greens all summer. I transplanted my lettuce seedlings from the seed cells. I had tossed several seeds into each cell so the sprouts’ roots were a bit clumped together, but with a little teasing they came apart easily. I know it’s a bit of a hack job, but I am so proud of my first little project.

If someone had told me beforehand that screws need pilot holes I might have been spared a minor mid-project nervous breakdown

Finally putting the (pink) tool kit that my Mum got me for Christmas in 2008 to good use

I bet that you aren’t even appreciating my garbage-scavenging skills because you are too busy judging me for my St. Patrick’s Day sunglasses.

Injury sustained: puncture to right thumb. Minor. Unless my tetanus shot was overdue after all.

There is so much salad box happening in my backyard right now.